Capella University For High Education

Capella University is AN yankee for-profit establishment of upper learning set in city, North Star State that delivers most of its education on-line. the varsity is owned  by the in public listed Capella Education Company. Capella University offers bachelor\’s, master\’s (MS and MBA) and scholarly person (PhD, PsyD, and DBA) degrees in business, data technology, education, psychology, public health, public safety and human services.
Within those areas, Capella has 142 graduate and collegian specializations and twenty five certificate programs with over 1600 on-line courses. some thirty six,000 students ar listed from all fifty states and sixty one different countries, with twenty nine p.c listed in scholarly person programs, forty two p.c listed in master\’s programs, and twenty six p.c listed in bachelor\’s programs. a college of one,488 college with eighty six p.c holding scholarly person degrees. Capella college sleep in forty eight states and vi countries.


Capella has received criticism for its expenditures on promoting, profit, and chief operating officer pay instead of instruction, and its use of aggressive recruiting practices. in keeping with the US Senate\’s Harkin Commission, some seventy nine of their income comes from U.S. government Title IV payments, together with Pell grants.
What is currently Capella University was established because the school of America in 1993 by Dr. Harold Abel and writer Shank, former chief operating officer of Tonka. Abel, erstwhile the president of Castleton State faculty, Central Michigan University, and Walden University became the primary president of the establishment.
In 1997, Capella University received regional enfranchisement. 2 years later the parent company and university were renamed to Capella Education Company and Capella University, severally. In 2000, the Capella University began to supply degree programs. Six years later, in 2006, Capella Education Company became a in public listed company (NASDAQ: CPLA).
In 2007, Capella was named one in every of eighty six pedagogy establishments within the u.  s. to own received the National Centers of educational Excellence in data Assurance Education (CAEIAE) designation by the National Security Agency (NSA). The designation is valid for the educational years 2007 through 2012.
In March 2008, Capella Education Co., old denizen of the 225 South Sixth building in downtown city, signed a brand new lease that distended its workplace and renamed the building Capella Tower. The building homes all of the company\’s one,150 downtown city body employees.
In 2009, The Project Management Institute (PMI) international enfranchisement Center for Project Management (GAC) authorized  2 Capella University on-line degree programs: the MS in data Technology with a specialization in Project Management; and therefore the Bachelor of Science in data Technology with a specialization in Project Management.
In 2009, Capella launched its faculty of Public Service Leadership.
In 2010, Capella, beside 3 different colleges, was awarded the CHEA Award for Outstanding Institutional apply in Student Learning Outcomes by The Council for pedagogy enfranchisement.
In 2013, The U.S. Department of Education approved Capella University\’s innovative FlexPath programs, creating it the primary university to supply competency-based bachelor\’s ANd degree programs that utilize an approved direct-assessment learning model as against commonplace} credit-hour standard.

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